Is Hawandi Mahandi Charity Development Association registered in Uganda?

Yes we are a registered and lincenced charity association in Uganda.

+How do you distribute you.r Zakat?

The policies and procedures ensure that the Zakat collected is distributed according to Shariah Law. The charity works closely with our local and national Ulema to ensure zakat is implemented correctly.

Hawandi mahandi charity development association distributes Zakat in the form of cash where appropriate. However, In war-torn countries and Rural areas around the world where the currency has little value or people have limited access to purchase aid and other materials.

In the interest of the beneficiary, the charity evaluates the need of the people and provide them with their consent (Wakalah) what is policy

You may view out Zakat policy here

+What makes Hawandi mahandi charity development association Different?

Our Hawandi mahandi charity development association team have personally visited and distributed aid to many of the countries mentioned in our projects. Our team always aim to visit the areas to gain a better understanding into what help is needed and have distributed aid in Somalia, South sudan, Ethiopia , Kenya and Uganda. These experiences have given our teams a unique insight into the living conditions of the most needy and what they need in the short and long term. Our trustees also regularly make follow up visits to these areas in order to ensure that the projects have been implemented and your donations have been spent as requested by you, the donor.

We always aim to operate in a transparent way and ensure to provide our donors with regular feedback of videos, pictures and yearly accounts of expenditure and reports.

Please check out our social media platforms Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter accounts for latest updates and videos.

+Do you accept clothing, food and medical aid?

Yes, we collect new clothing for containers. We also collect tinned food and medical aid which has to be long dated. We cannot accept medicine that is prescribed for a specific individual. All goods collected are sent directly to the poor and needy. Any used clothing is recycled and the money raised goes towards covering Hawandi mahandi charity development association administration costs.

+I want to host an event, can you provide me with support?

Yes, we can. Please email us at or +256750978581 and we will be able to assist you

+Do I need a permission letter to fundraise for your charity?

No, not normally, unless you’re fundraising in a public place and the local authority requests it. If you are inviting speakers to an event then the charity will need to be notified as we have a speakers policy. But please do let us know about any public fundraising event, just in case we get asked about it by other members of the public and we can also help promote it.

If you’re fundraising on private property, you may need permission from the property owner

+Do you only help muslims?

We distribute aid to anyone in need irrespective of their race, religion or faith and our priority is to target the worst-hit areas and provide long term humanitarian support such as food, clothing, shelter and education.

During the August 2022 floods of mbale district in Uganda, our teams helped out in the relief efforts assisting those in need. Our dedicated volunteers helped the families by cleaning their homes, gardens and driveways and also thanks to your donations, we also provided much needed food, water, cleaning equipment and most importantly, manpower that were used to help in further relief efforts

Hawandi mahandi charity development association responded to the Covid crisis across the Uganda working alongside local councils, organisations and food banks by providing essential support such as daily meals, food parcels, supporting local foods banks and delivery of vital PPE equipment to hospitals and funeral services.

We are also involved in many homeless projects across  Uganda and we regularly distribute food and  clothing packs to the homeless

Donations are handled and allocated stringently as to ensure Zakat, Sadaqah and other specified funds are spent correctly

+Can I volunteer with you?

As a volunteer you can still help so much in Uganda by creating awareness, fundraising and forwarding our posts. We are always looking for volunteers to help us locally and if you are interested, please call us on +256750978581 or

email us at

+Can I see your accounts ?

All our accounts are submitted to the charities commission on an annual basis. You can view the accounts by visiting the charities commissions website

+Where will I receive my feedback for my project for example water pumps, homes, sponsorships and masajid?

You will receive the feedback via email or Whatsapp. Please check your junk mail regularly. If you havn’t received the relevant feedback, please call us on +256750978581